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14 Jul 2019

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20 Jan 2019

4 steps to sensitively deal with fake identity documents

fake identity documentsWhilst there’s a lot of information available about how to check identity documents for Right to Work compliance, there’s little guidance about what action to take when a document fails your checks. Handling counterfeit or fraudulent documents can be nerve-wracking, so our guest blogger, Abbie Pullman, has pulled together some practical advice to tackle this sensitive topic ‘in the moment’ and beyond…

Identity document forgery is rising. Forged ID (particularly EEA identity documents) and Fraudulently Obtained Genuine (FOG) documents remain a key facilitator of immigration crime. In 2016, Frontex, the European Border and Coastguard Agency, reported a 70% year-on-year rise in fake documents held by UK-bound migrants, many using modified identity cards from countries such as Italy and Romania.

Using TrustID identity document verification defends Off To Work from this trend, reduces our exposure to fraud and protects our brand reputation. The software checks visible and non-visible data for accuracy and validity and presents the results in seconds so that we can quickly decide whether to proceed with a candidate. And if we ever have any doubts, we can refer the document to a team of experts with a single click, meaning there’s no need to just ‘use our judgement’.

During my experience leading high-volume, nationwide and international recruitment Right to Work checks, the system has helped me identify many candidates presenting fake identity documents. And when that happens, it can be a very tricky situation so here’s my thoughts on what you should do if you suspect you’ve been given a fake document

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22 Nov 2018

Our view of fraudulent identity documents in 2018

fraudulent identityIf you follow our blog, you’ll know that at TrustID, we’re really keen on gathering and analysing data around document checks, including trends across different industries and fraudulent document types. With another year of data captured, in this blog, we summarise our annual findings for 2018 and compare them with trends from 2017. In 2018, the number of businesses relying on our checking services has continued to grow significantly, across both the public and private sectors. In this blog, we’ll look at data from our customers in the private sector.

What sort of fake documents did they find?

In 2018, the number of fraudulent documents seen by our helpdesk team grew by 55%. And our customers identified and shared hundreds of fraudulent identity documents when making Right to Work. Right to Rent and Counter-fraud checks. The fraudulent ID most commonly seen by our helpdesk this year, as last year, was passports. Which made up almost half of all fake documents. Here’s a breakdown by type of false documents:

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23 Oct 2018

3 Top Tips for Identifying Fake Documents

fake document

Traditional methods of verifying a customer’s identity are very much still alive. Manual checks of identity documents are still widely used by a variety of different sectors in an attempt to prevent fraud, but how can fake documents be identified to ensure they don’t pass the test?

Manual identity verification checks are not just time consuming, but also produce a lengthy and clunky onboarding process for your customers. How can we identify fake documents in an automated and simpler manner?

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